About this Shrine:

Ritsu is love.
Ritsu is life.
All keions are cute, but Ritsu is the cutestest.
<<Have you found a reason to fight? Buddy.>>

About ひまわり畑:

「ひまわり畑」 is a project I started back in November of 2019, in short, give all the aircraft in ACE7 custom skins.
F22A Raptor (Strider Skin)
Pictured above is version 1.0, Mage and Spare skins share the same camo with Strider skins having a different one.
Osean markings, emblem and flag were also modified, these were the first skins made.

Pictured above is version 2.0, Mage/Spare still share the same camo with Strider being a different one.
This time the 「律」 roundel has been replaced with a full name marking and Trigger's emblem has also been slightly modified.

The final update, version 3.0, my best work so far:
All three squadrons (Mage, Spare and Strider) now share the same camo pattern unlike previous versions.

All base markings, flag and Osean roundels are the same as OG Mage/Spare/Strider skins.
New Ritsu decals as well as an update for the latest DLC (EXP Series Craft).

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